Frage: Wie hole ich meine E-Mails bei Ihnen ab?







Nachfolgend finden Sie alle Informationen die Sie benötigen um Ihre E-Mails bei uns abzuholen.

POP3-Server: mail.needful.de
POP3-Port: 110

POP3S-Server: ssl.needful.de
POP3S-Port: 995

IMAP-Server: mail.needful.de
IMAP-Port: 143

IMAPS-Server: ssl.needful.de
IMAPS-Port: 993

SMTP-Server: mail.needful.de
SMTP-Port: 25 oder 587

SMTPS-Server: ssl.needful.de
SMTPS-Port: 465

Bei dem SMTP/SMTPS Server muss in den Optionen des Mailclients immer „Erfordert Authentifizierung“ angehakt werden.

Frage: WOL, wake-on-lan on Windows 7 does not work
Antwort: Sometimes wake-on-lan does not work as expected with Windows 7, I read a lot forums that told me to install the newest driver and all is well, but there is no newer driver for my network card.

But I found a simple fix for that: I read: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee617165(WS.10).aspx and found the “ forcearpndwolpattern“ parameter.


Open cmd as Administrator

than type

netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces

find the index of your card and use it in the following command

netsh interface ipv4 set interface [index] forcearpndwolpattern=disable

Here this worked on two different Windows 7 (64 Bit), with a onboard nForce and a RealTek Chip.